If you don't already own a down or synthetic down jacket, you should consider investing in one. With its pockets of concentrated heat, a down jacket has the power to keep you warm without adding bulk. This lightweight build has the added perk of compressible packability. Many lightweight down and synthetic jackets can pack into their own pocket or stuff sack

5 Situations that Can Be Improved with a Synthetic or Down Jacket

1. Traveling

Whether traveling via plane, train or automobile, doing so with a puffer jacket in tow can make the situation a little better. Throw it on to stay warm in fluctuating conditions. When you no longer need it, simply stuff it into your carry-on. The best part about traveling with a down jacket? Instant travel pillow. Simply ball it up and enjoy its cloud-like comfort.

2. Errand Running

The lightweight nature of down and synthetic jackets allows you to stay warm while shopping without looking overly bundled. This comes in handy while running from store to store in the winter... or simply perusing the ice cream isle. If you need to take it off, you can easily stow your puffer jacket in a purse or shopping bag until it's needed again.

3. Outdoor Adventuring

Insulated jackets -- whether down or synthetic -- are an outdoor adventurer's best friend. The warming power of these jackets makes them ideal for staying toasty while snowshoeing, hanging out at camp or belaying a friend on a chilly day. The best part about exploring with lightweight puffer jackets is that they can fit into a day pack without taking up too much space, making them a pack staple for extra warmth.

4. Bar Hopping

Anyone who lives in a cold climate can attest to the struggle of going out with friends in the winter. Do you inconvenience yourself with a jacket in a crowded brewery or endure a frigid walk to and from the car? This decision becomes easier when you own a down jacket. Wear your puffy outside and pack it into your purse inside. Non-purse carriers can still benefit from this lightweight jacket -- a down or synthetic jacket takes up less space than bulkier casual coats.

5. Gym Commuting

Going to and from the gym or yoga studio in the winter requires extra coverage. A puffer jacket is easy to slip on for the commute and stuff into a gym bag during your workout. Packability for the win... again!

As you can see, a lightweight, insulated puffer jacket (whether made with down or a synthetic insulation), is the perfect addition to your coat closet. These types of jackets are warm, packable and incredibly useful for all "Should I bring my coat?" situations