Patterns are made for every different parts of a garment. In other words, patterns are the representative templates of the individual parts of a garment.

In the following sections, you’ll find information on clothing size conversions and tips on measuring yourself, along with multiple size charts for men, women and kids. Keep in mind that these charts are intended as a general guide line only. If you’re trying to determine your ideal clothing size, the guidelines and charts on this page should be a good starting point.

Pattern Making

Moving in no particular order, pattern making is usually the first or one of the first three points you will notice when going for bespoke. While made to measure orders are carried out on an already existing pattern, or one that is tweaked as per person. This is often a standard or general set of measures based on an average person, bespoke on the other hand; offers a ‘start from scratch’ element that many find fascinating especially first timers. This is because bespoke patterns not only are made exclusively for each and every individual, the set of measurements too are double if not more than the measurements used for made to measure. This ensures a perfect fit which is evident in all bespoke products.

While a made to measure product may fit well in an ideal scenario, a bespoke product always fits perfectly…like a glove! Another interesting and valid point regarding pattern making and bespoke is that every single change made by the individual is re-cut or in other words remade to reflect a revised version of the product. This can be time consuming and so, is skipped in all made to measure products. In other words, bespoke enables for any number of changes big or small which is adjusted each time, while made to measure is a one-time component.

Fabric Selection

While fabric selection is somewhat common in both bespoke and made to measure, bespoke allows for more options as many places offer an exclusive if not additional range of fabric options as opposed to made to measure which has one standard range that is curated for all. These points gel well with colour selection as well as design customization which we shall cover next.

Design Customization

By this we refer to all design elements that are used within the product that is either edited or added as per individual requirement. While bespoke offers an open field for edits, additions, subtractions, details and even adornments, made to measure draws a line at what is possible and what is not. Made to measure design customization may allow you to choose the number of buttons, pockets, cuffs etc. used within the product but nothing more. Bespoke allows you to incorporate anything you’d like from physical features to details and adornments. The same goes for colour which moves simultaneously with design as well as fabric selection.

Made In House

This is an important point and a fact that creates an evident divide between bespoke and made to measure. While all bespoke products are made in house from start to finish. Including all stops and turns of the process to be handled and managed within one place, makes this one of the defining points that separates the two. Made to measure however, is often found to involve quite a lot of outsourcing as time is of the essence in a factory themed process.

Multiple Fittings

This especially applies to shirts and suits. Multiple fittings are required for a bespoke product to achieve its status of perfection. A number that varies from product to product based on type and style. Typically a bespoke suit would require three fittings before it reaches the final stage. However made to measure products only require one instead of three or more. Often the person can pick-up the product after the first fitting.


Last yet definitely not least is the element that takes into account all the time that is spent on the product, craftsmen used, changes, edits and more. Bespoke would understandably have much of this reflected in the cost which is much higher than made to measure.

Did you know that made to measure traditionally, has two different types? These would be full made to measure and half made to measure.

Measurements Make A BIG Difference Between Bespoke And Made-To-Measure

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